Update on Probitas Letter

Fellow Rockingham Investors,

It would appear that our original position was correct and there is no hurry to make claims.  We apologise to you all for the confusion which was not of our making.  The earlier document can be found in ‘Linked Documents’  marked as PROBITAS 1 should any one wish to read it.

Further to the release of the letter dated 24th of April to all Rockingham ARM investors  from Probitas, referring Investors to the Creditors report dated 4th of April on the Probitas portal, we have regrettably been provided with differing views in relation to whether investors should complete the Creditors Proof of Debt documentation by the 11th of May as stated within the Creditors report.

We have today clarified the situation regarding the completion of the Proof  of Debt documentation and have been provided with the following information:

In accordance with the Insolvency Act and Rules, following the liquidation of a company, creditors are given a specified period of time in which to submit their claims. As a result, included in the list of documents that investors have been referred to will be a Notice to Claim with a deadline of 11th May 2012.

This deadline will not apply to ARM investors and they should await further instructions from the FSCS. The FSCS have confirmed that that any claim made to them is not dependant upon a claim being made against the Rockingham as they are two distinctly separate claims.

Probitas have advised in their letter of the 24th that they are working closely with the FSCS and an update will be available on the FSCS website (www.fscs.org.uk.) in due course.

Once again, apologies to all for any stress and worry this matter has caused.

ARM Steering Group