Bob’s Weekly Update

Dear Bondholders,

Becalmed after the Storm
I’ve returned, somewhat exhausted, from the festivities for my sons, thankfully successful, wedding. I found a mountain of bondholder emails, with some touching sentiments expressed, but little news to provide you all with. Everyone seems to be ‘off radar’ and I can only assume that the bank holiday weekend has extended into annual leave for the members of the Board. I’ve tried Skype, text, email and international phone calls to no avail.  I even tried sending smoke signals, it’s OK if you don’t inhale, but nothing came back!
This Update may be posted a little late, as Ian Ward is very busy on his civic duties, and is expected to return home later than usual.


Bob’s Weekly Update

No Update this week

As forewarned in last Friday’s Update, there is no Update today due to my being in North Yorkshire for our sons wedding on Sunday.

Many many thanks to everyone who has sent their good wishes, my wife and I are truly touched by your kindness.

I will return to London next Tuesday and will resume normal service.

Have a good weekend one and all.


Bob’ Weekly Update

Dear Bondholders,

The Continuing  Calm after the Storm

The calm continues, but do not be fooled as there much going on and I know that the Directors had busy weekends, all leave has been cancelled until the audits are completed.  Google Earth showed no member of the Board had his car at a golf club last Saturday or Sunday so they must have been working…….Only kidding guys!
The number of bondholders offering to write to the FCA has steadily increased through the week, but as readers will see, lower down in this, Update the emphasis of those complaints will need to change.


FCA could be forced to reopen frozen ARM accounts

Lawyers in the UK and Luxembourg agreed the move was contrary to the regulator’s initial ruling.
By Nick Reeve | Published Aug 05, 2013 | FTAdviser

The FCA could be forced to reopen frozen bank accounts connected to the ARM Asset Backed Securities fund after lawyers in the UK and Luxembourg agreed the move was contrary to the regulator’s initial ruling.


RNS 8414K

RNS Number : 8414K
ARM Asset-Backed Securities S.A.
02 August 2013

RNS : 2nd August, 2013
Please find below an update on issues as of August 2nd, 2013.  The board envisage the coming month to be fast paced in resolving a number of the below items and a further update will be made as issues are resolved.